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done today:

only covered half the weeds, and only mulched half the bushes in the front, but hey, i fed the mosquitoes enough already.

Rocks and the side edge thing still need to be done, but no idea when that can be handled/delegated. will have to wait and see.

to do tonight:
watch x-factor
clean the polish off of my nails

sugar beats

I am on crack.

watermelon, caffeine-fueled, crack

I just clicked on a picture of a tiny toad and squealed TOAD!!!!! in a really high pitched voice.

I've officially spent more of my evening in the kitchen than in the living room. this is excellent.

R put on radio nova, the french music station, and I'm thoroughly in doped up music land of sugar and achievement.

sigh. does it really take a 3pm half glass of coca-cola to inspire me?

Done so far:
a to-do list on google that I can work from
made dinner on the fly, tex-mex style
cleaned pots and dishes (but not all)
attacked the watermelon and made snackable containers wort of it
cut up and packaged the "orange dewlicious" melon, whatever that is (it's good, but SOFT)
boilded, cut, and mixed me up some chicken salad for dinner tomorrow
kinda packed lunch
ate me "watermelon pizza" (slice a round section of watermelon, plate size, then chop into triangles)
jamming online (and still no tv or a/c!)
oh, and laundry! currently washing.

is this what people call mini-mania, or does that require me to shove furniture out 2nd story windows? anyway, glad to be happy and to get things done. Here's to finding inspiration and motivation from music, and less from cans of soda and chunks of fruit.

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I need to post a to-do list somewhere....

1. laundry
2. laundry
3. laundry
4. repeat

other items:
lunch for tomorrow
- cutting fruit
- packing food
- storing in fridge

We're back!

And the first thing I'm posting about? Food I made tonight. I know, you're excited.

We got our first share of the season yesterday, so expect the grand rush to avoid rot as we try to eat greens before they're gone.

Soy cheese pizza with pepperoni and fresh spinach. Mixed mozzarella and pepper-jack flavors for a very delightful meal.

Chinese Cabbage Stir Fry with tofu, mushrooms, ginger, and oyster sauce. Served with brown rice.

Will update as we eat. Still have some onion tops (can't remember the name, but they are green), some unusual variety of romaine lettuce, a couple of radishes and a bag of spinach.
get you


I'm not too allergic to oak it seems (that's the one dumping all of it's green powdery sperm on everything). But holy hell there is a lot of it....so much that the little bit of sleep in my eye is perky, springy, bright green. Yes, green. I can also only see halfway today, a combo b/t my contacts being worn an extr few days and all this damn pollen in my eyes making the world foggy. I'll let you know if I am an utter moron and it turns out I have some weird eye problem, but i highly dobt it.

stupid pollen.


two late nights in a row. Went to HH and had some very fun time, then yesterday went to see Hunger Games with a book club (not one I'm in, but friends with all of them). Afterwards, went to nearby bar and did a bit of dancing. Good times. But with this cloud cover and not sleeping well most of this week, I just got up about an hour ago.

So yeah, awake? WTH is that?

And how are all of you?

Side note: don't wear high heels after a strenuous lower body workout.
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I'm awake! And recently finished with breakfast down in a virginia neighborhood.

Had a very awesome time last night celebrating a friend (or fews) birthdays. Seems the Feb birthdays keep piling up. I apparently missed a cameo from another friend who also had a birthday this month, but plan to go visit her and her new addition later today.

Next weekend, another birthday shindig and then a shower (party type, not cleaning type) for one of my sisters. Speaking of which, I need to send some emails.

happy naked nightie

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You know what wold be nice? A diet plan for lactose intolerant people. The tracker system I'm using has a bunch of menu things available, and even some vegetarian and other options. But dairy-free? Nope. So I don't even bother to look at the recipes. It's annoying really, half of these online programs tout their food options/menus, but what's the point when I have to go through and change everything to try and reach my protein and nutrition needs? Yeah. Thought so.

Getting ready for Superbowl. I really want to make cake, but then there's cake in the house, so going with a smaller option instead.

Oh, Zumba'd again today. Finally. End of last week was just weird; tired and unable to really get through a couple of workouts, but I kept at it. Today, finally a regular workout, complete with happy energy afterwards.

The weight isn't melting off, but the past couple of weeks haven't been the best on the food front, so there you go. I can fit into some of my pants again though, so I'm doing something right.

Of star drinks and zumba

Today I witnessed my first zumba injury, well actually, people carrying someone out of the class and the EMT's putting her foot in one of those immobilizer things. Fun times. I took two breaks, and realized that the classroom was way too warm for my taste this time. So I spent time outside in the main gym, and then near a fan for the last part of class. Unfortunately I lost my heart rate band last week, so until I get a new one, I'm on my own for trying not to overdo the cardio. Most of the time not so bad, but with Zumba, I definitely need it so I can better pace myself. Difference? Red face and tired vs not red faced (but still tired).

Anyway...star drinks. Hah! One has to question who the hell posts an event called COCKwars to facebook especially with my crowd, but turns out it was for a star wars themed cocktail party, where people entered drinks, gave presentations, and voted online. A small party, but lots of fun. We took home most creative and best presentation, winning two light sabers. The grand prize went to a warm rum drink called R2T2, complete with flask and LED light strings. THe little tasting cups worked perfectly, though people definitely had a lot to drink.
happy naked nightie

lessons in cardiovascular fitness

I followed my husband's example and got a heart rate monitor watch for my workouts.

I learned today why Zumba kicked my ass last week: It works me on an anaerobic level. Let's say, 90%, with an average in the 75% range? Yeah. I only did 30 minutes, and once I realized it was above the "target" zone I kept trying to slow down. How do you slow down salsa and meringue-cardio dance with lots of other people in the room? Not very easily. I spent 15 minutes on the tradmill to cool down, which meant my heart rate was in the target zone the whole time.

So damn, I guess I have to work up to working out in Zumba, not just work up to lasting longer.


But, hey, I am really glad I got this thing. Cause goodness knows how hard or far I'd push myself.

My new goal: to be able to workout in that class while staying in my target zone (upper end of course).

Sigh. It sucks getting out of shape. Really. If you haven't gotten there, don't do it. It's not worth it.

Working out still rocks though (says the girl who only did half her class at too high a level so that this time she doesn't have to spend the afternoon in bed).

And exercise is about as good as zoloft when you get it right - the happy rush - well worth working out for that. Though if you're one who tends towards heavy depression, don't skip the pills. I'm only working against mild SAD (though really, it can hit whenever, but I digress)